Paper finishing line with modern PASABAN sheet cutter


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Paper finishing line with modern PASABAN sheet cutter
Finishing line


Paper finishing line, consiting of the following main components: We prefer to sell the line as a whole, but also individual machines

Sheet cutter 1

Made by:                                              Pasaban

Type:                                                  KB 16700 mm

Made in                                              2000s

Max m/min:                                        150-300 m/min

Max Width (w/o Trim) mm:                1.550

Max Width(w/ Trim) mm:                   1.500

Umwinder max diameter mm:           1.500

Unwinder Min Diameter mm:             400

Winder Max Diameter mm:                297-800

Max Reel Weight kg:                         210-700

Max numbers of Knife:                      8

Max Basis Wt.*1 g/m2: max              400

Core diameter:                                   70,76,152

Number of stations:                           5




Sheet cutter 2

Supplier:                                             Hobema

Type:                                                  101-L

Made in                                              1990 ies

Max m/min :                                       75m/min A4 160m/min 450X640

Max Width (w/o Trim) mm:                1.260

Max Width(w/ Trim) mm:                   1.220

Umwinder max diameter mm:           1.250

Unwinder Min Diameter mm:             400

Winder Max Diameter mm:                270-650

Max Reel Weight kg:                         210-520

Max numbers of Knife:                       5

Max Basis Wt.*1 g/m2:                      max 400

Core diameter:                                   70,76,152

Number of stations:                           4





Ream wrapper small size

Supplier:                                             Beck

Type:                                                  PB 600 SP/V

Made in                                              1990 ies

Max m/min:                                        12-14 cycle/min

Winder Max Diameter mm:                210-325

Max Reel Weight kg:                         325-455


Guillotine 1

Supplier:                                             Perfecta

Made in                                              2000 s

Max m/min:                                        600-920 Kg/shift

Winder Max Diameter mm:                57-920

Max Reel Weight kg:                         85-920

Max numbers of knife:                       1



Guillotine 2


Supplier:                                             Wohlenberg

Type:                                                  MCS 3115

Installed in                                          2000 s

Max numbers of knife:                       1


Packing belt 1

Supplier:                                             Diverse

Type:                                                  power master 10481

Made in:                                             1980 ies

Installed in                                          2010

Max m/min:                                        max 30 pal/h

Max width(w/o Trim) mm:                  2400




Supplier:                                             Beck

Type: super                                        400

Made in:                                             2000 s

Max m/min:                                        max 40 cycle/min




Counting machine sheet

Supplier:                                             Gremser

Type:                                                  FN35NS

Made in:                                             2000 s

Max m/min:                                        max 40 cycle/min


Paper Press


Type:                                                  CC30V

Installed:                                            in 2000 s


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