Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Herstellen von Zellstoff sowie zum Aufbereiten von Altpapier zu verwendbarem Fasermaterial.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Lagereinheit Antriebseinheit für Drucksortierer Voith GR 20 überholt

Lagereinheit Antriebseinheit für Drucksortierer Voith GR 20 in älterer Gussversion in überholtem Zustand .

Voith GR 20

Mehrere Cleanerbänke mit Voith KS 160 Dünnstoffcleaner

Cleanerbänke aus Edelstahl mit Voith KS 160 cleaner

Voith KS 160

Siebkorb MS 10 Voith

Gebrauchte Siebkorb MS 10 Voith

Schlitz 0,15 mm


Voith MS10

Black Clawson Ultra V 200

Gebrauchter Drucksortierer von Black Clawson Typ Ultra V 200

Black Clawson UV 200

Welleneinheit für Jylhä DD900 Refiner

Jylhä DD900

Pulper Entleermaschine Junk Screen

Winterstein Junk Screen

Entstipper Pilao DTD 20''

Gebrauchter Entstipper von Pilao Typ DTD 20'' mit manueller Garniturverstellung

Pilao DTD 20''

Cleaneranlage Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

4 Stufige Cleaneranlage von Celleco 

Cleanpac 700 HO

The Cleanpac 700 can be installed in virtually all forward cleaning application e.g. virgin and secondary fibre, stock preparation and approach flow systems. The Cleanpac 700 is the most versatile cleaner on the market and it was the first cleaner with the innovative system design based on satellite assemblies with its unmatched plant flexibility. The satellites are manufactured in standard configurations of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cleaners. Satellites are mounted on distribution headers with space for 2-14 satellites. Plants can easily be expanded through the addition of new satellites, or replacing existing ones with larger satellites. The Cleanpac 700 is the technology leader with its high cleaning efficiency, low reject rates and good runnability. The cleaner can be equipped with High capacity (HQ) inlet head, which is suitable for filler loaded applications where you want to save as much filler as possible and still maintain high cleaning efficiency. The cleaner incorporates all the reliability features of the twin-wall design; workers safety protection plugs for outer shells (no need for immediate replacement of a broken cone) easily replaceable wear parts



Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

Doppelscheibenrefiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Gebrauchter Doppelscheibenrefiner Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

max. power input                    450 KW
speed                                      735 1/min  
max. torque                             2700 Nm
throughput of beating refiner   520 – 1800 l/min
                                                1250 – 4320 kg/h
                                                30 – 100 t/day
                                                Referred to 4% stock consistency

as brushing refiner                   2300 – 3500 l/min
                                                 4830 – 7350 kg/h
                                                 100 – 150 tons /day
                                                 Referred to 3,5 % stock consistency

Stock consistency                    3 – 6 %

Escher Wyss DSR 2 HEP

Centriscreen Drucksortierer Bird

Bird DT 68L 107 2645212001