PM Tissue Papier

Zu Verkaufen: Gebrauchte Papiermaschinen um Tissuepapier herzustellen, Tissuemaschinen

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Tissuemaschine 2200mm

Neue Tissuemaschine 2200mm:

it consists of technological line for production Tissue paper with capacity 20 T/D from 100 % virgin pulp and one Tissue machine working width 2,2 m capacity 10 T/D.
China 10t/d

Tissue Papiermaschine 2200 mm

General information:

Paper machine
Maximum performance with which the machine worked with sheet width 2060 [mm]

Capacity: 39 [ton / day]

Productioon speed: 360 - 400 [m / min] depending on grammage

The range of basis weights produced 30 - 60 gsm

Width of the sheet  after headbox 2200 [mm].


With waste paper stock preparation

- Pulper 15 m³ with feeding conveyor

- Pulper discharge machine and first sorter

- Hett separator with vibrating screen

- Lamort ADS 5 pressure screen

- Pressure screen made by Nelba

- Lamort CH 3 pressure screen

 - Maule Kneater with a capacity of 60 t/day

- Krofta Clarifier

- Voith HD cleaner

- Chest with 5 m³  volume












2060 net width 39 t/24 h

Tissue paper production line 74 t/day with stock preparation and rewinder

Used tissue paper production line:

Consisting of:

Stock preparation for virgin pulp

- Pulper

- Refiners 

- Screening

- Disc filter


Paper machine

Headbox: Single layer, year 1990 ies
Press section  Double (SPR + BPR), year 2000 ies
Yankee, year 2010 s
Max speed  1450 m/min

Vacuum system


Rewinder with 4 unwind stands

European 74 t/day

Tissue paper manufacturing line 15 t/day with rewinder

Gebrauchte Tissuepapier Produktionslinie inklusive Stoffaufbereitung für Zellstoff sowie Umroller

European 2310 mm trim 15 t/d