Ausrüstung und Verarbeitung

Gebrauchte Maschinen für die Druck- und Papierindustrie; Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Schneiden von Papier, Pappe und Zellstoff, Wickelmaschinen für Papierrollen; Gebrauchte Riesverpackungsmaschinen, Gebrauchte Abwickelmaschinen für Papierrollen, Gebrauchte Papierkalander us.w.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Tissue paper converting line toilet- kitchen rolls

Gebrauchte tissue Verarbeitungsmaschine:

Products: industrial toilet paper, industrial kitchen towels...

Top speed (Rewinder): 550 m/min


Rewinder type: semi automatic - start - stop

Log diam. min: 120 mm

Log diam. max.: 500 mm

Number of plies: 1 or 2 pcs

Plies sticking: plybonder unit

perforation lengths: 157,5 mm; 315 mm; 630 mm; without perforation



Embossing unit

Unwinding unit

Log saw

Log acumulator

core bin with automatic core feeding

Packaging machine with roll turning machine, packaging device, roll stacker for TP, thermo tunel




PCMC Rewinder IR 505 2750 mm 550 m/min

Stanzautomat Bobst Spo 1600

Bobst SPO 1600 min 60 x 52 / max 160 x 110 6000 sheets / hour

Kartonumroller Jagenberg Vari Dur 33-18 2400mm

Achsole Abrollung

Beschnittene Arbeitsbreite: 2400 mm

Aufrolldurchmesser max: 1830 mm

Min Schnittbreite: 200 mm

Anzahl Obermesser: 8

Aufrollung Hülsendurchmesser: 70 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm,

Antrieb: 380 V,  2 x 65 Kw

Jagenberg Vari Dur 33-18 2400 mm 600 m /min

Lackiermaschine / Streichmaschine 1735 mm

Speed: max. 700 m/min

Working width: max. 1.735mm

Capacity: max. 100t/day

Amount of application: 1 – 1,5 g/m² per run

Roll outer diameter: max. 1250 mm


Two gravure coating heads consisting of chamber blade, anilox-roll, sleeve-roll and counter-roll

Quality measurment frame (Honeywell)

Flying splice, Unwind – Rewind (Monomatic)

Two corona treater for surface tension increase (Softal)

Housing of the machine and regenerative post-combustion system for solvent vapors (KBA → Dürr)

Washing machine and distillation unit for machine parts

Lacquer kitchen with automated preparation system

Products: Laminating of: Labels, Packaging, Giftwrap and Foil




max. 100t/day

Rollenverpackungsmaschine 500 - 2040 mm Breite

Gebrauchte Rollenverpackungsmaschine:

Rollenbreite: 500 mm - 2040 mm

Rollendurchmesser: 450mm - 1350 mm


Massen der Rollenverpackungsmachine
L:  13,0 m
B:    5,0 m
H:  4,1 m

PAMA 500 - 2040 mm width one worker 1 reel in 7 minutes

Papiertütenmaschine Honsel

Dimensions of bags:

Width:           8 -25 cm

Length:        20 - 40 cm 

With or without a gusset

Paper bags with V - bottom

2 colours printing line

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper

Verpackungsmaschine Casmatic CMB 150

Bundler machine Casmatic CMB150.

Machine model CMB 150
Condition: perfect(running on max speed 24h/day)
Available end of 2022.

Pack height (H) from 95 to 305 mm
Pack width (W) from 95 to 560 mm
Pack length (L1) from 190 to 560 mm
Pack width (W) From 330 to 780 mm
Max. 850 con H 250mm
Max. 700 con H 345mm
Max. 720 con H 400mm
Pack length (L) From 200 to 800 mm
Pack height (H) From 195 to 305 mm
400 mm (Optional


Casmatic - Körber Paperlink CMB 150

Kartonverpackungsmaschine Savoye

Gebrauchte Kartonverpackungsmaschine Savoye:

•  1 Kartonaufrichter Savoye 60-12 DM 2F
•  1 Kartonaufrichter Savoye 60-12 DM 3F
•  2 Schrumpftunnel Savoye 9564
•  1 Deckelmaschine Savoye 6028
•  1 Volumenoptimierer Savoye Jivaro 4016
•  Schaltschränke / Steuerungen


Non woven facial mask folding machine

Second hand / used non woven facial mask folding machine.

Type: F1720

Process: • Fold non woven mask : 2 folding version : 3Z & 6Z
              • Insert the non woven mask in a sachet

Cycle time: Average depending of operator 10 to 13 s / mask with area sensor cycle launch (Originally built for buton Launch with a cycle time of 7s / mask)

Materials: • Metal parts : Aluminium and Stainless Stell
               • PLC & Touch Screen : OMRON
               • Cylinders and valves : SMC

Energy: Electrical : AC 1Ø – 220V / 50Hz
                             Air : 0.5MPa

Folding methods available on the machine: 3Z or 6Z


Fujix F1720

Produktionslinie für Papierhandtücher

Produktionslinie für gefaltete Tücher

Interfolder machine specifications:

Vacuum pump type LTV-150

Top speed (folding part): 120 m/min

Max. paper width: 1375 mm

Sheet length before bend: 115 mm

Folding types: V

Number of plies: 1 or 2

Trim removing from both side of the paper strap: min. width approx. 20 mm

Embosser sections: 2 pcs

Ply sticking: glue

Number of paper unwinders: 2 pcs

Max. reel diameter: 1200mm

Max. rell width: 1375 mm

Reel inner core diameter: 76 mm

Log saw specifications:

Log saw model CR 228A

Manufacturer. Chen Rong

Year: 2010's

Log saw speed: 100 clips/min

Blade diameter: 610 mm


Pack wrapping machine specifications:

Soft pack wrapping machine model CR 630

Manufacturer: Chen rong

Year: 2010's

Packing type: plastic film (NPP)

Max. speed: 40 pack/min

Perforation for opening: yes

Possible pack formats: 165, 220, 250 mm

Possible pack heights: 70, 80, 100 (+/-5) mm

Date printer included: Markem-Imaje x 45

Box sealing device: included



Chen Rong (Taiwan) CR-228