Ausrüstung und Verarbeitung

Gebrauchte Maschinen für die Druck- und Papierindustrie; Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Schneiden von Papier, Pappe und Zellstoff, Wickelmaschinen für Papierrollen; Gebrauchte Riesverpackungsmaschinen, Gebrauchte Abwickelmaschinen für Papierrollen, Gebrauchte Papierkalander us.w.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Hydraulische Kanal-Ballenpresse von Lindemann

Hydraulische Kanal-Ballenpresse mit automatischer Drahtverschnürung vom Hersteller Lindemann
Ballenabmessung: B 800 x H 800 x L 1200 - 1600 mm
Ballengewicht 350kg bei 1300 mm Länge
Drehstrom-Kurzschlußläufermotor 40 PS

Verfügbar ab Ende November 2023

Lindemann BIMOD 210.702 800 x H 800 x L 1200 - 1600 mm

Rollenschneider ChuangFeng CFFQ-100, 1600 mm

Arbeitsbreite = 1600 mm
Maximaler Rollendurchmesser Abrollung = 1500 mm
Maximaler Aufwickeldurchmesser = 1200 mm
Mindest. Schlitzbreite=40 mm
Schnittgeschwindigkeit =250 m/min
Aktueller Zustand: in Produktion

CHUANGFENG CFFQ-100 1600 mm 250 m/min

CASMATIC Bundler CMB 150

Technical details:
Infeed:  Automatic
Operation:  Electro-mechanical/pneumatic
Max. machine speed:  14 cycles/min.
Max. production speed:  13 cycles/min.
Roll infeed height:  770 mm
Pack exit height:  1150 mm
Weight:  5500 kg (approx)
Av. size change-over time:  35 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Av. size adjustment time:  20 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Roll change time:  5 minutes
Ambient conditions
• Temperature from +5 to +40°C
• Relative humidity Max. 70%

Air pressure:  6 bar
Compressed air consumption Max.:  800 Nl/min

Installed power:  23.5 KVA
Standard voltage:  3x380/415/440 V (+/- 5%) + earth
Voltage variation:  +/- 5%
Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Neutral wire:  None
Electrical cabinet voltage:  220 V AC
PLC I/O card voltage
• Inputs/outputs 24 V DC
• Solenoid valve outputs 24 V DC
• Contactor outputs 24 V DC

Pack height (H) from 95 to 305 mm
Pack width (W) from 95 to 560 mm
Pack length (L1) from 190 to 560 mm

Pack width (W):  From 330 to 780 mm
Max.:  850 con H 250mm
Max.:  700 con H 345mm
Max.:  720 con H 400mm
Pack length:  (L) From 200 to 800 mm
Pack height:  (H) From 195 to 305 mm
400 mm (Optional)



Ballenpresse Balemaster CMG-500

Balemaster CMG-550

Tissue paper converting line for Toilet paper and kitchen rolls

Used tissue paper converting line, to convert tisssue mother rolls into toilet paper or kitchen rolls packed in plastic bags

Perini / Gambini Conveting line for Toilet paper / kitchen roll 2200 mm

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Max. sizes: 4200 mm 

Min sizes: 600 mm

Flute types: B,C, BC

BHS, Overmac, others corrugator 2100 mm 205 m/mm

Bogenschneidemaschine Corta 56 P

Dürselen KG Corta 56 P

Produktionslinie für Papierhandtücher

Produktionslinie für gefaltete Tücher

Interfolder machine specifications:

Vacuum pump type LTV-150

Top speed (folding part): 120 m/min

Max. paper width: 1375 mm

Sheet length before bend: 115 mm

Folding types: V

Number of plies: 1 or 2

Trim removing from both side of the paper strap: min. width approx. 20 mm

Embosser sections: 2 pcs

Ply sticking: glue

Number of paper unwinders: 2 pcs

Max. reel diameter: 1200mm

Max. rell width: 1375 mm

Reel inner core diameter: 76 mm

Log saw specifications:

Log saw model CR 228A

Manufacturer. Chen Rong

Year: 2010's

Log saw speed: 100 clips/min

Blade diameter: 610 mm


Pack wrapping machine specifications:

Soft pack wrapping machine model CR 630

Manufacturer: Chen rong

Year: 2010's

Packing type: plastic film (NPP)

Max. speed: 40 pack/min

Perforation for opening: yes

Possible pack formats: 165, 220, 250 mm

Possible pack heights: 70, 80, 100 (+/-5) mm

Date printer included: Markem-Imaje x 45

Box sealing device: included



Chen Rong (Taiwan) CR-228

Curioni 2000NT 3 color Flexo Folder Gluer made by BW Papersystems

Curioni 2000NT 3 color Flexo Folder Gluer made by BW Papersystems

Item description

1 Drive for Flexo Folder Gluer

1 Extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder

3 Bottom printing flexo unit

1 Powered slotting unit

1 Rotary die cutting unit

1 Folder-gluer

1 Glue extrusion unit

1 Rotary brush

1 Top loading Counter Ejector

1 Computer operated automation Master II

BW papersystems Curioni 2000NT

Curioni 2000NT 4 color Flexo Folder Gluer made by BW Papersystems

Curioni 2000NT 4 color Flexo Folder Gluer made by BW papersystems

Item description 

1 Drive for Flexo Folder Gluer 

1 Extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder

4 Bottom printing flexo unit

1 Powered slotting unit 

1 Rotary die cutting unit 

1 Folder-gluer-counter-ejector

1 K-belts 

1 Glue extrusion unit 

1 Rotary brush

1 Misalignment detector

1 Computer operated automation Master II

BW Papersystems Curioni 2000NT
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