Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Kraft Paper Mill 3270 mm Mitsubishi

Used 3270mm Kraft Paper Mill

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Final Remodeling year: 1990’sSecond hand

Final Product width: 3270mm

GSM: 40-140g/

Production capacity: 200ton/day

Twin wire type

Design speed: 1000m/min

Operation speed: 706m/min


Head box

Manufacturer: Sumitomo

Seam former–MB type

Width direction adjustment device: delusion 


Twin Wire part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Wire width: 3750mm

Fourdrinier type Dandy roll


Press part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

1P: twin bar press, linear pressure:  48N/mm

2P: twin bar press, linear pressure:  60.7N/mm

3P: straight through press, linear pressure:  88.2N/mm

Sheet moisture in outlet of press: 50~55%

The number of cylinders in Pre-dryer : 1524mm x 41units


Size press and coater

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Gate roll size press type

Coating weight: 0.1~2.5 BD g/m2

The number of cylinders in after-dryer : 1524mm x 12units


Steam pressure

Main steam pressure (inlet of dryer): 0.3MPa

Mean steam pressure (pre-dryer): 0.18~0.23MPa

Mean steam pressure (after dryer): 0.11~0.18MPa


Dryer hood

Manufacturer: Evara

Dew point: 35g 56°C, 120g 61°C




The number of rolls: 2+3

Maximum linear pressure: 120KN/m


Reel part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Secondary arm surface type

Maximum diameter of reel: 2400m



Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Shaft-less two drum winder

The number of slitters: 6 units


Quality control system: BM

The number of scanner: 1unit

Measuring sensor: GSM, moisture, color, carriper

Flow direction control system: seed valve, steam pressure

Width direction control system: CP

Profile control actuator: CP valve

Defect detector


Sheet inspection system

Defect detector

Manufacturer: OMRON


Process automation system

Manufacturer: Valmet


Drive system

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Year: 1990‘s

AC 420V


Mitsubishi Kraft Paper Mill 3270mm 200 t/d

Paper machine for fluting paper 2550 mm, 200 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper

Deckle/ pope reel width:                      2550 mm

GSM range:                           80 – 250 GSM

Speed:                                    800 m/min

Capacity:                                200  t /24 h

Refurbished:                          2016 – 2017


Consisting of:

Approach flow system           Included

Headbox:                               2  / Comer

Wire:                                       Twin wire       

Press section:                        Binip press with suction roll Jumbo Press    

Drying section:                       32 dryers / 5 bar

Size press:                             Included

Calendar:                               Voith / Küsters

Hood:                                     New Forbes Marshal steam & condensate with heat recovery

Pope reeler:                           Fully automatic with stackers 10 reel spools


Drive:                                     AC silent drive

Rewinder:                               Included

Voltage:                                  380 V

Stock preparation:                 Included

Water treatment:                    Krofta Sedicell and Algas filters



2550 mm 200 t/day

Papiermaschine für Fluting und Testliner 2800 mm

Gebrauchte Papiermaschine für Fluting und Testliner 

2800 mm beschnittene Arbeitsbreite

200  t/24 h Kapazität

Mit Konstantteil

Verkauf ohne Stoffaufbereitung, diese kann separat geliefert werden. 

European Fourdriner 2800 mm net width 200 t/day

Doppelscheibenrefiner Jylhävaara-Sunds DD 900

Jylhävaara double disc refiner in good condition.

Including gearbox. With spare shaft  

Motor power: 300 - 800 KW


Jylhävaara, Sunds, Jylhä Disc DD 900 900 mm disc diameter 20 - 500 t/day

European Crescent Tissue Paper Machine with stock preparation

Installed but never used Metso crescent paper machine with stock preparation

Manufacturer:                                              Europan

Produced Paper:                                           Tissue, facial, kitchen raw paper

Design speed:                                                1900m/min

Basis weight:                                                 12-25g/m²

Capacity:                                                       ca 200 t/day


European 208 t/d

Rollenverpackungsanlage Lamb 1800 mm breit

Max. Rollendurchmesser  1,45 m
20 Rollen pro Stunde Kapazität
Betrieb mit  1 Mann ist möglich
max  Rollenbreite 1,8 m

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour

TMP Refiner Sunds Defibrator RGP 42 with plug screw

High consistency Refining line made by Sunds Defibrator 


Rotating speed: 1000 - 2400 rpm

Preheater and refiner pressurized separately

Design pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)

Max. production rate: 1000 kg/h

Drives: Feeding 1350 kW and loading 640 kW (ABB)

Many different refining plates available

Sunds RGP 42 24 t/day

Drum Refiner Andritz Papillon CS 380


type: Papillon CS 380

manufacturer: Andritz

RPM: 700- 1400 U/min
Flow: 400- 1200 l/min
Capacity max. 2500 kg/h
Outlet pressure max. : 5,5 bar pine
Stock consistency: 3,8%
Power max. : 300 kW

Gentle fiber treatment with low energy consumption

Features and benefits:

Reduced energy consumption due to low no-load power
- Constant fiber properties
- Even gap inside the whole refining area
- Wide range of refiner fillings tailored to the repsective type of fiber
- Shortest possible down-time due to excellent and comfortable access to all stator plates and the cylinder

Andritz Papillon CS 380 2500 kg/h

Pumpe ABS 250 m³/h

Gebrauchte Pumpe

Manufacturer: ABS

Typ: NB200 /150-40 572-1

Nominal capacity: 250 m³/h

Max. rotation speed: 1500 T/min

Nominal rotation speed: 990 t/min

Power consumption: 17 KW

Diam. end shaft: 42 mm

Diam. turbine max. 424 mm

Diam turbine min.: 340 mm

Diam. turbine installed: 370 mm

Turbine: semi open

Number of floor: 1

ABS NB200 / 150-40 250 m³/h

Vakuumpumpe Rietschle CLFEH 250 m³/h - 10 mbar

Rietschle CLFEH 250 m³/h - 10 mbar