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Schmales Bogensieb GL+V


Rejectsorter parts Voith RS 2 B

Überholtes Gehäuse bestehend aus Oberteil, Unterteil sowie Welle von Rejectsorter RS 2 B

Voith RS 2 B

Rejectsorter RS 2

Rejectsorter RS 2 in gutem Zustand.

Die Maschine wurde überholt und danach nicht wieder in Betrieb genommen


- RS 2 RS 2 -

Rotorpurge 33-1200 Sirpa (like hydrapurge Lamort)

Second hand Rotorpurge

Type: Rotorpurge

Size: 33-1200

Tank capacity: 1200l

Max. pressure inside the tank: 5 bars

Rotor speed: 330 tr/min

Plate perforation: Diam. 12mm

Plate / rotor clearance: 0,5 to 1mm



motor: 75kw - 1500 tr/min

tension: 220/380V / 3Ph / 50Hz

pulley pitch diameter: 280/1250mm

belt: 4 SPC 4750



position: pulp preparation - pulper discharge

production: about 80 tpd




Sirpa Rotorpurge 33-1200 1200l

Rotor für Voith Ausschusspulper 900 mm

Unbenützer und original verpackter CP- Rotor für Ausschusspulper vom Hersteller Voith. Durchemsser des Rotor 900 mm .

Für Ausschusspulper mit ca 12 m³ Volumen

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Kompressoren Atlas Copco

RLR: 180 B8 EAU

Pression: 10 bar

Power: 132 Kw

Total hours: 40000 hours

Charged time: 23000 hours

Screw Block changed: 15000 hours

Atlas Copco RLR: 180 B8 EAU

Refiner Sunds Defibrator RGP 60 S

Sunds Defibrator RGP 60 S

TMP Refiner Sunds Defibrator RGP 42 with plug screw

High consistency Refining line made by Sunds Defibrator 


Rotating speed: 1000 - 2400 rpm

Preheater and refiner pressurized separately

Design pressure: 1000 kPa (10 bar)

Max. production rate: 1000 kg/h

Drives: Feeding 1350 kW and loading 640 kW (ABB)

Many different refining plates available

Sunds RGP 42 24 t/day

Tissue paper converting line toilet- kitchen rolls

Gebrauchte tissue Verarbeitungsmaschine:

Products: industrial toilet paper, industrial kitchen towels...

Top speed (Rewinder): 550 m/min


Rewinder type: semi automatic - start - stop

Log diam. min: 120 mm

Log diam. max.: 500 mm

Number of plies: 1 or 2 pcs

Plies sticking: plybonder unit

perforation lengths: 157,5 mm; 315 mm; 630 mm; without perforation



Embossing unit

Unwinding unit

Log saw

Log acumulator

core bin with automatic core feeding

Packaging machine with roll turning machine, packaging device, roll stacker for TP, thermo tunel




PCMC Rewinder IR 505 2750 mm 550 m/min

Rejectsorter Voith RS 3

Voith Rejectsorter RS 3
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