Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Langsieb-Papiermaschine 4200 mm

Gebrauchte corrugated medium Papermaschine:

Type: fourdrinier

Paper grade: corrugated medium

Trim width: 4200 mm

Speed: 600 m/min

Grammage: 90 - 220 gsm

Machine drive: sectional drive by DC motor and reducer

Equipped with size press

Location Asia, drive 60 HZ


Fourdrinier 4200 mm 550 t/d

Papiermaschine Fourdrinier 2500 mm

Gebrauchte Langsieb Papiermaschine

Antriebe 60 Hz! 


Trim width: 2500 mm

Working speed: 150 - 350 m/min

Design speed: 400 m/min

Capacity: 120 t/d

Basis weight: 90 - 215 gsm

Drive: sectional drive BYDC and AC motor, belt pulley and reducer

Fourdrinier 2500 mm 120 t/d


frequency inverter


Typ: SAMI800F380

Code: 61157930

Nr.: 4421EB003


The frequency inverter consists from 4 modules

Modul1: SAFUL1000F415

Modul2: SAFUC1250F500

Modul3: SAFUB630F415

Modul4: SAFUI1000F500


Motor: 560 kW

frequency inverter

Kanalrechen / Kanalsieb 380 mm Rechenbreite

Kanalrechen mit einer Rechenbreite von 380 mm

Für eine Kanalbreite von 580 mm

General functional description:
The filter screen helps to mechanically clean liquids, mainly communal and industrial waste water. The liquid flows through the drain, in which the machine with its lower machine frame is installed. The filter frame essentially comprises a continuous filter belt, which consists of perforated filter cages with rakes. The filter cages are attached to a conveyor chain on both sides, which drives the filter belt. The filter cages are in the form of an arc. The filter cages of the machine restrain organic and inorganic rejects. The filter area is occupied by the restrained rejects, through which the free area is reduced. This lowers the volume of flow or the differential level (calculated from the water level before and after the machine) increases. If a measuring device ascertains that a predetermined limit value has been exceeded in case of the water level, the filter belt starts moving. The occupied part of the filter area (in the direction of flow before the screen) moves from the drain and is cleaned at the upper deviating point using a rotat-ing brush roller. The cleaning is supported by a nozzle bar, which is operated at a water pressure of approximately 3 bar. The cleaned filter belt runs downwards on the rear side of the screen and dips into the drain (the cycle re-starts). The restrained screenings fall under the brush hood into a flume, press with funnel, a conveyor, a container or another receptacle.


FSM FRS 3 380 mm rake width

Mehrere Siebbleche für Fibersorter FS4B

Mehrere Ersatzsiebbleche für Fibersorter FS4B von Voith bzw. Escher-Wyss in gebrauchtem oder unbenützen Zustand.
Maschine Lochdurchm. Durchm. i Lochform Lochanordnung t freie Fläche in % Leisten Ankerform Artikelzustand
FF4B 1,4/2 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 3,2/2,8/2,8 2,93 20,71 nein Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,2/2,8 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 19,6 ja Zylinder neu
FS4B 2,4/3,0 315 Konisch Rv: 4/4/4 4 32,7 ja Zylinder aufgearbeitet
FS4B 2,8/3,6 315 Bi-Zylindrisch Rv: 4,8/4,7/4,7 4,73 31,8 ja Zylinder neu

Schneideanlage zum Schneiden von Folien

Max. Materialbreite: 1700 mm

Max. Rollendurchmesser: 800 mm

Innendurchmesser Hülsen: 152 mm (6'')

Max. Rollengewicht: 750 kg

Min. Stapellänge: 250 mm

Max. Stapellänge: 2200 mm

Netzanschluss: 3*400V / 50Hz + MP und Schutzleiter

Nennbetriebsstrom: 12 KVA

Absicherung: 32A

Druckluft Systemdruck: min. 5 bar

Drukluft Verbrauch: ca. 100-150l (Normalliter / min)

Umgebungstemperatur: +18°C bis +24°C

Toleranz: bis 1000 mm Länge +/- 0,5 mm

              ab 1000 mm Länge +/- 0,5%

Robust FSM

Baier Geba 46 Präge- und Stanzanlage für Etiketten und Band

Material width up to 250 mm
Embossing format or punching format max. 240 x 200 mm
Embossing force 10 tons
Large roll unwinding - 2-fold winding
With additional equipment for multi-lane Embossed printing on textile gift ribbons (in addition 5 tape unwinding and tie rods
for different bandwidths)
Weight 2,500 kg

Overall dimensions:
 6,400 mm length
 2,100 mm height
Baier Geba 46 Width up to 250 mm

Compact Corrugator 127 cm width

Very nice corrugator from roll to cutted material. Running with electrical energy only. 400 V

Flute type:                                          SE       B         SB       N         E         F

Flute height:                                       1.40     2.50     2.50     0.40     1.40     0.75

Flute factor:                                       1.25     1.35     1.35     1.136   1.34     1.22

Stitch:                                                  4.50     6.50     6.50     1.90     4.50     2.40

Maximum gross width:                      127 cm

Maximum net width (2):                    120 cm

Minimum paper width:                       74 cm (applies to all waves types)

Reel width min:                                  2 x 1.5

Reel width max:                                 2 x 80 mm

GM 203 127 cm gross width

Lagereinheit Antriebseinheit für Drucksortierer Voith GR 20 überholt

Lagereinheit Antriebseinheit für Drucksortierer Voith GR 20 in älterer Gussversion in überholtem Zustand .

Voith GR 20

Voith Gr 20 Drucksortierer

Gebrauchte Drucksortierer vom Hersteller Voith Gr 20 mit Siebkorb 0,15 mm Schlitz und Multifoilrotor


Optional in überholtem Zustand verfügbar.

Voith Gr/VSI 20 20 / 21 / 22 up to 200 - 340 t/24 h at 0,8 % stock cons.
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