Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Headbox 2900 mm

Gebrauchter Headbox

Slice width: 2.900 mm

Max. flow rate: 33.700 l/min

Min. flow rate: 13.800 l/min

Design speed 800 mpm

Max- min flow rate 33700 - 13800 l/min design speed: 800 m/min

Siebkorb für Metso TL/TAS/TAP 400 0,25mm Schlitz

0,25 mm slot

Converting line for cosmetic tissue

- Working width: 1260 mm, no edge trimming
- tissue format: 210 mm x 205 mmm , 6 clips/log
- Core diameter: 152 mm, max. unwind diameter 2200 mm
- Formats: 100 tissue 2 – layers , 150 tissue 2 – layers
- Capacity:  72-/50 towels/minute (approx. 3000 T/a)
- Repair of folding area / transfer table necessary, spare parts available

Consiting of:

Unwind stand

Calender /Folding machine

Transfer table

Prodec Box Filler

Prodec Carton Filler

European 3000 T/a


Heftmaschine von Krupp zu verkaufen



ED: 100

U/min: 905





PM Kalander Kuesters 2400mm

pre used /used/ Second hand Machine Calander made by Küsters

manufacturer: Küsters

speed approx: 350 m/min

Width: 2400 mm


Küsters 2400 mm 350m/min

Paper machine for fluting paper 2550 mm, 200 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper

Deckle/ pope reel width:                      2550 mm

GSM range:                           80 – 250 GSM

Speed:                                    800 m/min

Capacity:                                200  t /24 h

Refurbished:                          2016 – 2017


Consisting of:

Approach flow system           Included

Headbox:                               2  / Comer

Wire:                                       Twin wire       

Press section:                        Binip press with suction roll Jumbo Press    

Drying section:                       32 dryers / 5 bar

Size press:                             Included

Calendar:                               Voith / Küsters

Hood:                                     New Forbes Marshal steam & condensate with heat recovery

Pope reeler:                           Fully automatic with stackers 10 reel spools


Drive:                                     AC silent drive

Rewinder:                               Included

Voltage:                                  380 V

Stock preparation:                 Included

Water treatment:                    Krofta Sedicell and Algas filters



2550 mm 200 t/day


Gebrauchter Trommelfilter

Reko externally fed Drum Screen with 630mm diameter (approx) x 1800mm long wedge wire filter drum. The unit is in Stainless Steel and includes the drum drive, solids take off doctor and internal cleaning shower. Can be used for separation of solids from waste water and process water. The slot size in the wedge wire drum is 0.9mm.


Bruderhaus Umroller 2450 mm mit Glättwerk

Gebrauchter Umroller vom Hersteller Bruderhaus

Abrollung: Tambour

Breite unbeschnitten: 2450 mm

Beschnittene AB: 2450 mm

Grammaturbereich: 30 - 700 g/m²

Rollendurchmesser Abwicklung: 1.800 mm

Rollendurchmesser Aufwicklung: 1.500 mm

V: 500 m/min


Bruderhaus 2450 mm net 500 m/min

Farbrohrstoffbehälter 70m³

Gebrauchter Farbrohrstoffbehälter 70m³:

4 Behälter Tanks mit Rührwerk


Trockenzylinder 2750 mm Ballenlänge, 3 bar

2750 mm bale length, 3300 mm bearing distance 3 bar