Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Papiertütenmaschine Honsel

Dimensions of bags:

Width:           8 -25 cm

Length:        20 - 40 cm 

With or without a gusset

Paper bags with V - bottom

2 colours printing line

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper

Used transformer board production line for sale

Used transformer board production line for sale:

videos are available on demand.

Scope of supply:

Cellulose pulp preparation line: consists of two hydro pulpers for disintegration of 10 m³each, tanks, pumps, refiners 2 units with powers of 315 kw each, centrifugal sorters, etc.

The sheet forming machine:  consists of two stainless steel pick-up cylindrical sieves and a forming cylinder. Diameter in length: 2000 mm x 3200 mm.

Sheets dimensions: 6300 mm x 3200 mm.

Press: equipped with 8 pressing cylinders, arranged horizontally, with a diameter of 690 mm and working at 320 hydraulic bar


Swiss company Bell 2500 t/year


Gebrauchter Trommelfilter

Reko externally fed Drum Screen with 630mm diameter (approx) x 1800mm long wedge wire filter drum. The unit is in Stainless Steel and includes the drum drive, solids take off doctor and internal cleaning shower. Can be used for separation of solids from waste water and process water. The slot size in the wedge wire drum is 0.9mm.


Vertikal Pulper 9 m³

Gebrauchter Pulper:

Durchmesser: ca  2800 mm

Höhe: ca 2.000 mm

Gesamtvolumen: 11 m³

Nutzvolumen: 9 m³

Mit Ableerpumpe

European manufacturer 9 m³ net

Serviettenmaschine von Omet

Automatic Folder TV 840 with printing and embossing -OMET

•Single Ply tissue 19 gsmpaper

•Parent rolwidth: 45 cm

•Open/folded napkin dimensions: 23x22,5 cm / 11,5x11,5 cm

•Max Speed: 5000 napkins/min

•Stack heigh: between 30 mm and 190 mm pillow pack transfer

•Standard Voltage: 400 VAC –50 Hz

•Machine & Transfer control: Siemens

•Drives: Lenze


Multipack Automatic Tissue Wrapping Machine NK 50

•Main Switch: Siemens

•Standard Voltage: 400 VAC –50 Hz

•Production Speed: up to 60 packs/min

•Pack type: Single and Double

•Wrapping Mat: Polypropylene (20-30 mic/Polyethilen3 30-35 mic) •Machine Hand: Right

•Infeed Hand: Right

Omet 23x22,5 cm / 11,5x11,5 cm

Tissue paper production line 74 t/day with stock preparation and rewinder

Used tissue paper production line:

Consisting of:

Stock preparation for virgin pulp

- Pulper

- Refiners 

- Screening

- Disc filter


Paper machine

Headbox: Single layer, year 1990 ies
Press section  Double (SPR + BPR), year 2000 ies
Yankee, year 2010 s
Max speed  1450 m/min

Vacuum system


Rewinder with 4 unwind stands

European 74 t/day

Gebrauchter Yankee cylinder / Glättzylinder

Used Yankee cylinder

Diameter: approx. 4,5m

Width: approx. above 3m.

Design speed: 2000m/min(6562 ft/min)

Weight: approx. 72 To

Documentation available

Paper machine for fluting paper 2550 mm, 200 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper

Deckle/ pope reel width:                      2550 mm

GSM range:                           80 – 250 GSM

Speed:                                    800 m/min

Capacity:                                200  t /24 h

Refurbished:                          2016 – 2017


Consisting of:

Approach flow system           Included

Headbox:                               2  / Comer

Wire:                                       Twin wire       

Press section:                        Binip press with suction roll Jumbo Press    

Drying section:                       32 dryers / 5 bar

Size press:                             Included

Calendar:                               Voith / Küsters

Hood:                                     New Forbes Marshal steam & condensate with heat recovery

Pope reeler:                           Fully automatic with stackers 10 reel spools


Drive:                                     AC silent drive

Rewinder:                               Included

Voltage:                                  380 V

Stock preparation:                 Included

Water treatment:                    Krofta Sedicell and Algas filters



2550 mm 200 t/day

Rollenverpackungsmaschine 500 - 2040 mm Breite

Gebrauchte Rollenverpackungsmaschine:

Rollenbreite: 500 mm - 2040 mm

Rollendurchmesser: 450mm - 1350 mm


Massen der Rollenverpackungsmachine
L:  13,0 m
B:    5,0 m
H:  4,1 m

PAMA 500 - 2040 mm width one worker 1 reel in 7 minutes

29 Neuwertige Pumpen von Andritz

nicht in Gebrauch gewesen - versandfertig eingelagert

ungebraucht / neuwertig

Folgende ungebrauchte Pumpen stehen zum Verkauf:


9 Stoffpumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 15m - 74 m
max. Kapazität: 1000 l/min - 21000 l/min

4 Waschwasserpumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 22m - 30m
max. Kapazität: 500 l/min - 4500 l/min

2 Verdünnungswasserpumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 110m - 190m
max. Kapazität: 250 l/min - 300 l/min
verschiedene Typen

2 Zirkulationspumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 20m
max. Kapazität: 1800 l/min - 11700 l/min
verschiedene Typen

2 Wasserpumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 25m -30m
max. Kapazität: 2500 l/min - 4000 l/min
verschiedene Typen

2 Kühlwasserpumpen
max. Förderhöhe: 35m - 45m
max. Kapazität: 9000 l/min
type: ACP125-250.5S
mit Motor

1 Hackschnitzelpumpe
max. Förderhöhe: 32m
max. Kapazität: 5200 l/min
Typ: CP200-400.10

1 Trübfiltratpumpe
max. Förderhöhe: 28m
max Kapazität: 9500 l/min
Typ: ACP150-315.5S

1 Frischwasserpumpe
max Förderhöhe: 50m
max Kapazität: 2000 l/min
Typ: ACP65-315.8S

1 Sperrwasserpumpe
max Förderhöhe: 76m
max Kapazität: 150 l/min
Typ: Grundfos CRI 10-9 with 3kW

1 Speisewasserpumpe
max Förderhöhe: 80m
max Kapazität: 500 l/min
Typ: Grundfos CRN32-6-2 with 11kW

ohne Motor (Ausnahme: Kühlwasserpumpen) / mit Kupplung

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