Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Rollenverpackungsanlage Lamb 1800 mm breit

Max. Rollendurchmesser  1,45 m
20 Rollen pro Stunde Kapazität
Betrieb mit  1 Mann ist möglich
max  Rollenbreite 1,8 m

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour


Heftmaschine von Krupp zu verkaufen



ED: 100

U/min: 905





Heizschnecke / Vorwärmer für Dispergierung

Gebrauchte Heizschnecke

Stoffdichte 25 – 30 %
Betriebstemperatur 80 – 100 °C
Betriebsdruck, max. 100 kPa
Verweilzeit 20 – 30 s
Dampverbrauch 0,2 – 0,25 t / t Faser


Metso up to 790 t/day

Lackiermaschine / Streichmaschine 1735 mm

Speed: max. 700 m/min

Working width: max. 1.735mm

Capacity: max. 100t/day

Amount of application: 1 – 1,5 g/m² per run

Roll outer diameter: max. 1250 mm


Two gravure coating heads consisting of chamber blade, anilox-roll, sleeve-roll and counter-roll

Quality measurment frame (Honeywell)

Flying splice, Unwind – Rewind (Monomatic)

Two corona treater for surface tension increase (Softal)

Housing of the machine and regenerative post-combustion system for solvent vapors (KBA → Dürr)

Washing machine and distillation unit for machine parts

Lacquer kitchen with automated preparation system

Products: Laminating of: Labels, Packaging, Giftwrap and Foil




max. 100t/day

Umroller Jagenberg

Slitter rewinder, pick up unwind stand, Shaft rewinding, width ca 1100 mm

Jagenberg ca 1100 mm 300 m/min

Headbox 2900 mm

Gebrauchter Headbox

Slice width: 2.900 mm

Max. flow rate: 33.700 l/min

Min. flow rate: 13.800 l/min

Design speed 800 mpm

Max- min flow rate 33700 - 13800 l/min design speed: 800 m/min

Rührwerk Voith

Gebrauchte Rührwerke



Tissue paper converting machines to produce toilet rolls

Consiting of following components

Core Machine
Core Loader
1° Unwinding Stand
2° Unwinding Stand
3° Unwinding Stand
Print set 1  Colour
Print set 2  Colour
Embossing Set
Tail Sailer
Accumulator 1
Accumulator 2
Log Unloader
Log Saw 1
Log Saw 2





Paper machine 2550 mm

machine width: 2550mm

Max. speed: 200 m/min

BW range: 30-400grs/m²

Supply voltage: 3 x 500 Volts

Steam pressure: 4 bar

Air pressure: 7 bar

Water pressure: 2 bar

Water consumption: 40 Lts/Kg

Steam consumption: 3.0 Kg/kg



Has produced a wide range of products:
Fine papers, 60 to 220 GSM with watermark and deep colors. High quality board papers up to 400 GSM
Other specialty papers from 30 to 90 GSM

Production range is from 30 to 400 GSM running at 50 to 220 m/min.

Paper with at reel is 2550 mm max.

Capacity is up to 3500 Kg/h.

Main characteristics is its formation uniformity CM and MD, gradual drying rate both wet and steam dried.



It is a Fourdrinier type with removable table for wire change, cantilever couch roll, closed headbox for optimal flow rate at any speed and watermarking Dandy Roll.


Three 80 kg /cm2 presses, 2 lower felt and a 3rd upper felt, allowing good drying capacity and surface smoothing.

Water content after presses is about 50% below 120 GSM.


Consist in a main battery of 18 driers of 1250 mm diameter, in 3 drive sections with drying felts on both sides.

Post drying after size press is done with 6 driers, 4 of 1000mm dia and 2 1250mm diameter in one drive section, with automatic paper moisture control.

All driers tested at 4 Bar, heated with steam at 3.7 Bars max.

All sections covered by a recovery heat hood that allows pocket ventilation at 90 degrees Celcius.


Two rubber 350 mm diameter rolls working at 20 Kg/cm allows sizing with starch and latex.


Küsters 400mm dia King roll, 2 intermediate 330mm dia rolls and un upper 400mm dia Queen roll that can be used as a one pass or three pass calender up to 80 Kg/cm.


It is a line shaft with conical pulleys, pneumatic clutch and angular reducer for 11 sections. Motor drive is 300 Kw dc.


  • ·  Deckle : 2,55m
  • ·  Max Speed : 220m/min
  • ·  Basis weight range : 40/400gsm
  • ·  Headbox : pressurized / Stainless steel built in 2003
  • ·  Fourdrinier with foils, 6 vacuum boxes, Couch Roll with vacuum
  • ·  2 vertical presses with bottom felt – max 80kg/cm
  • ·  1 vertical presses offset – max 80kg/cm
  • ·  18 Drying cylinder – Diameter 1,25 m – 3,7 ata steam pressure
  • ·  Inclined Size-Press – working pressure 20kg/cm
  • ·  6 Drying cylinder – Diameter 4×1,0m + 2×1,25 m – 3,7 ata steam pressure
  • ·  High efficiency hood
  • ·  Machine Calender – 3 NIPs – Kuster bottom roll
  • ·  Vertical Reel up (Pope
  • ·  ABB supervision & gauges for Moisture & basis weight control


  • Product portfolio
  • 1). security papers, like for checkbooks, fiscal stamps, minutes for notaries
  • 2.) papers for wine labels,
  • 3.)  bristol cardboard for various commercial applications, like posters, bookstore, 
  • 4.) papers with watermark, 
  • 4.) plasterboard


  • Operational Features: The very versátiles headbox with both option to run either with vacuum or with pressure between 0.5 abd 1.15 % of consistency and a forming table with a vacuum system, that let the operators to work with less or more water on the table…


  • It had a very flexible, multiple  vacuum system, where you could easaly regulate the amount of water to handled on the table…


  • Production Mix : ThePM was continuously switching from one grade to another,  between 40 and 330 gr/sqm of basisweight. 
2550mm 3,5 t/h

Tissue Papiermaschine 2200 mm

General information:

Paper machine
Maximum performance with which the machine worked with sheet width 2060 [mm]

Capacity: 39 [ton / day]

Productioon speed: 360 - 400 [m / min] depending on grammage

The range of basis weights produced 30 - 60 gsm

Width of the sheet  after headbox 2200 [mm].


With waste paper stock preparation

- Pulper 15 m³ with feeding conveyor

- Pulper discharge machine and first sorter

- Hett separator with vibrating screen

- Lamort ADS 5 pressure screen

- Pressure screen made by Nelba

- Lamort CH 3 pressure screen

 - Maule Kneater with a capacity of 60 t/day

- Krofta Clarifier

- Voith HD cleaner

- Chest with 5 m³  volume












2060 net width 39 t/24 h