Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Gas turbine plant including generator & waste heat boiler4600 kw


year of construction: 1990 es

Electrical output: 4.600 kWel

Speed: 14.944min.-1 50Hz

Fuel: natural Gas H

Turbine inlet temperature: 665°C (1.229°F)


Generator (in the package)

Manufacturer: ABB

Type: 3 phase synchronous

Year of manufacturing: 1990 ies

Rated power: 6.000 kVA

Speed: 1.500 rpm

Cos phi: 0.98 (nominal 0.8)

Frequency: 50 Hz

Rated voltage: 10.5 kV



Gebrauchter Schwerkraftsieb:

5 verschiedene "Mesh-Größen" von Filtermedien sind erhältlich.

BSW 10

Paper machine for fluting paper 2550 mm, 200 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper

Deckle/ pope reel width:                      2550 mm

GSM range:                           80 – 250 GSM

Speed:                                    800 m/min

Capacity:                                200  t /24 h

Refurbished:                          2016 – 2017


Consisting of:

Approach flow system           Included

Headbox:                               2  / Comer

Wire:                                       Twin wire       

Press section:                        Binip press with suction roll Jumbo Press    

Drying section:                       32 dryers / 5 bar

Size press:                             Included

Calendar:                               Voith / Küsters

Hood:                                     New Forbes Marshal steam & condensate with heat recovery

Pope reeler:                           Fully automatic with stackers 10 reel spools


Drive:                                     AC silent drive

Rewinder:                               Included

Voltage:                                  380 V

Stock preparation:                 Included

Water treatment:                    Krofta Sedicell and Algas filters



2550 mm 200 t/day

Stoffauflauf Escher Wyss 2500 mm

Gebrauchter Stoffauflauf von Escher Wyss Auslaufbreite 2500 mm

Escher Wyss 2500 mm outlet width


Gebrauchter Trommelfilter

Reko externally fed Drum Screen with 630mm diameter (approx) x 1800mm long wedge wire filter drum. The unit is in Stainless Steel and includes the drum drive, solids take off doctor and internal cleaning shower. Can be used for separation of solids from waste water and process water. The slot size in the wedge wire drum is 0.9mm.


Several different tissue paper converting machines

1. Automatic handkerchief production line - fully automatic. Productivity – 35 packs per minute.

2. Bandsaw with self-sharpening tape for cutting toilet paper and kitchen rolls.

3. Napkin machine with one printing section. Productivity: 500 pieces per minute.

4. Napkin machine with two printing sections.  Productivity: 600 – 650 pieces per minute.

5. Napkin machine. Productivity: 650 – 700 pieces per minute.

6. Production line for cardboard spools. Capacity: 12 meters/~39ft per minute.

7. Production line for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. Productivity: 90 tons/198,416 lbs per month.

8.Production machine for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls with Deco system and lamination. Productivity: 90 tons/198,416 per month.

9. Production machine for toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. Productivity: 150 tons/330,693 lbs per month.

10. Production machine for V-shaped hand towels with a vacuum-folding system.

Productivity: 1) V – hand towels – 450 pieces per minute. 2) V - fold toilet paper 3x17g / 3x0.60oz - 450 pieces per minute.

11. Unrolling and slitting machine for sanitary paper. Productivity: 4000 – 5000 kilograms/8,818 - 11,023 lbs daily.

Several different tissue paper converting machines

Fiber production equipment TMP/CTMP/BCTMP

Fiber production equipment BCTMP

Manufacturer: Andritz, Taufel&Co, Ahlstrom, FMW, Jylhavara, Bauer, Metso/Sound

Fiber line start-up: first start up as NSSC line in 1986, part of them as a new started up in 1994

Major rebuild: 1994 – origin NSSC was rebuilded to TMP/CTMP/BCTMP, before start up, refiners was send to Austria to Andritz for overhoul.

Capacity:Up to 210 bdmt/day, Spruce species.

Condition: fiber line still under operation untill to September 2024 when main equipment be dismantled and replaced by new

Andritz, Taufel&Co, Ahlstrom, FMW, Jylhavara, Bauer, Metso/Sunds

Paper metalizer

Second hand metalizer:

Metallization of paper /b foils with aluminium

Speed max.: 12 m/s (720 m/min)

Working width max.: 1.720 mm

Working vacuum: 10-4 mbar

Aluminium layer thickness: 40 mg/m²

Outer diameter max. : 1.230 mm

Products: Laminating of labels, packaging, giftwrap and foils



Leybold Heraeus

Headbox made by Voith for different paper grades

Voith 1000 m/min pm speed

Umroller für hohe Grammaturen 1950 mm


Hersteller GU: SWT

Eklektisches Konzept: HSA Emerson

Nennstrom: 630 Amp

Antriebe: SEW Drehstromantriebe

Getriebe: SEW Kegelradgetriebe

Leistung Aufwickelstation 1: 30 KW

Leistung Aufwickelstation 2: 30 KW

Antriebsart: Frequenzumrichter

Kommunikation: Siemens S7 CPU 300

Produktionsgeschwindigkeit: 60m/min

Bahnzug Aufwickelstation 1: 2000N

Bahnzug Aufwickelstation 2: 2000N

Materialdicke: 2,0mm

Rollendurchmesser: 1500mm

Rollenbreite: 1950mm