Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Tissue paper production line 74 t/day with stock preparation and rewinder

Used tissue paper production line:

Consisting of:

Stock preparation for virgin pulp

- Pulper

- Refiners 

- Screening

- Disc filter


Paper machine

Headbox: Single layer, year 1990 ies
Press section  Double (SPR + BPR), year 2000 ies
Yankee, year 2010 s
Max speed  1450 m/min

Vacuum system


Rewinder with 4 unwind stands

European 74 t/day

Gebrauchter Yankee cylinder / Glättzylinder

Used Yankee cylinder

Diameter: approx. 4,5m

Width: approx. above 3m.

Design speed: 2000m/min(6562 ft/min)

Weight: approx. 72 To

Documentation available

Multifoil rotor für Drucksortierer Voith Gr 20

Mutifoilrotor für Drucksortierer Voith Gr 20

Voith Multifoil 20
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