Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Konischer Refiner Claflin 222 Bematec

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Bematec Claflin 222

Corrugator WPA 2500MM made by BHS

Corrugator WPA 2500MM made by BHS

Width:                   2500 mm

Max. sizes:          4500 mm

Min sizes            500 mm

Flute type:          E, EE, B, BB, EB, C, BC


BHS WPA 2500mm 300 m/min

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Max. sizes: 4200 mm 

Min sizes: 600 mm

Flute types: B,C, BC

BHS, Overmac, others corrugator 2100 mm 205 m/mm

Damenbindemaschine BICMA

Sanitary Napkins /  towel / pad machine made by BICMA (Germany) in very good condition

Working direction seen from the operator's side: from the right to the left
Fabrication of the products in the machine: lengthwise, (single layer)
Production centre: 225 mm from the mounting plate
Tranfer conveyor height to packaging machine: 1100 mm
production speed.: 120 m/min
air pressure: min. 6 - max.8 bar
air quantity: min. 1500 ltrs/min
water pressure: min. 3 – max. 4 bar
water quantity: min. 100 l/h

BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH BI 13-00

Centriscreen Drucksortierer Bird

Bird DT 68L 107 2645212001

Drucksortierer Bird Centriscreen

Bird DT 68L108

Black Clawson Ultra V 200

Gebrauchter Drucksortierer von Black Clawson Typ Ultra V 200

Black Clawson UV 200

HD Cleaner Black Clawson 4 - 8000 l/min

For sale second hand HD Cleaner Black Clawson 4 - 8000 l/min in refurbished conditon

Black Clawson Cyclone / Rufflone - min 4000 l/min max 8000 l/min

Entstipper Black Clawson Hydraflaker 20.400

Gebrauchter Entstipper vom Hersteller Black Clawson Typ Hydraflaker 20.400

Black Clawson Hydraflaker 20.400 200 KW -

Drive for Black Clawson Hydrapulper Nr 3 Remanufactured

Komplett überholte Antriebseinheit für Black Clawson Pulper No 3

Ratio:   4.947/1

Diese Black Clawson Pulper- Antriebseinheit war an einem 40 m³ Pulper installiert und ist für 30 - 50 m³ausgelegt.



Black Clawson N. 3
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