Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Vakuumpumpe CUTES CVP - 50 L- FC

Gebrauchte Vakuumpumpe CUTES CVP - 50 L- FC


CUTES CVP - 50 L- FCD DN 1400 m³

Gebrauchter Yankee cylinder / Glättzylinder

Used Yankee cylinder

Diameter: approx. 4,5m

Width: approx. above 3m.

Design speed: 2000m/min(6562 ft/min)

Weight: approx. 72 To

Documentation available

Used transformer board production line for sale

Used transformer board production line for sale:

videos are available on demand.

Scope of supply:

Cellulose pulp preparation line: consists of two hydro pulpers for disintegration of 10 m³each, tanks, pumps, refiners 2 units with powers of 315 kw each, centrifugal sorters, etc.

The sheet forming machine:  consists of two stainless steel pick-up cylindrical sieves and a forming cylinder. Diameter in length: 2000 mm x 3200 mm.

Sheets dimensions: 6300 mm x 3200 mm.

Press: equipped with 8 pressing cylinders, arranged horizontally, with a diameter of 690 mm and working at 320 hydraulic bar


Swiss company Bell 2500 t/year

Reject Presse Beltec 601

Gebrauchte Rejectpresse Beltec 601 in überholtem Zustand

Beltec 601 600 mm screw diameter

Multifoil rotor für Drucksortierer Voith Gr 20

Mutifoilrotor für Drucksortierer Voith Gr 20

Voith Multifoil 20

Doppelscheibenrefiner Over Meccanica Serie 6000 - 26''

Double discs refiner Over Meccanica

Serie: 6000

Size: 26''

Discs diam.: 660 mm

Nominal flow: 30 - 90 t/day

3,5  - 5%

Over Meccanica 6000 26'' 30 - 90 t/day

Used corrugator with max 2200mm width

Used corrugator to produce corrugated cardboard - B/ C/ BC flute

Main parts consisting of well-known European manufacturer like Torres, Peters, BHS, Massenzana

Machine is still in production

Max. sizes:      3500/5000 mm

Min sizes:        200 mm x 600 mm

diverse - 2200 mm 157 m/min

Gehäuseoberteil Voith MS 20

Made in stainless steel

German manufacturer MSM 12 12

Ungebrauchter Siebkorb 0,25 mm Schlitz für Voith Gr 10 Sortierer

Slot 0,25 mm slot

Ungebrauchte Garnituren für Refiner JC 03

Angle: 18

Width: 4,5

Nut: 4,5

Height: 4,73

Length: 11,2

Valmet Refiner fillings for Conflo Refiner JC 03