Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Cleaneranlage Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

4 Stufige Cleaneranlage von Celleco 

Cleanpac 700 HO

The Cleanpac 700 can be installed in virtually all forward cleaning application e.g. virgin and secondary fibre, stock preparation and approach flow systems. The Cleanpac 700 is the most versatile cleaner on the market and it was the first cleaner with the innovative system design based on satellite assemblies with its unmatched plant flexibility. The satellites are manufactured in standard configurations of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cleaners. Satellites are mounted on distribution headers with space for 2-14 satellites. Plants can easily be expanded through the addition of new satellites, or replacing existing ones with larger satellites. The Cleanpac 700 is the technology leader with its high cleaning efficiency, low reject rates and good runnability. The cleaner can be equipped with High capacity (HQ) inlet head, which is suitable for filler loaded applications where you want to save as much filler as possible and still maintain high cleaning efficiency. The cleaner incorporates all the reliability features of the twin-wall design; workers safety protection plugs for outer shells (no need for immediate replacement of a broken cone) easily replaceable wear parts



Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Polar Mohr 137 1370

Umroller Titan 1500 mm

Max. Stegbreite (mm): 1600
Arbeitsbreite (mm): 1500

Abroll -Typ : Spindel
Max. Abrollung: 1000
Max Durchmesser Rollen - Abwicklung: 800
Abroll - Typ: Double shaft center driven
Max Abwicklung: 610
Max Durchmesser Rollen - Abwicklung: 600
Strom: 45 KVA Elektrische Spannung: 380-415 V elektrischer Strom: 63A Max Hydraulisch: 100BAR Max Pneumatisch: 7 BAR

Überholung: 2012

Titan SR6 1500 mm

Rotor für Voith Ausschusspulper 900 mm

Unbenützer und original verpackter CP- Rotor für Ausschusspulper vom Hersteller Voith. Durchemsser des Rotor 900 mm .

Für Ausschusspulper mit ca 12 m³ Volumen

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Entstipper Escher Wyss E2 K

Stoffgehäuse in Edelstahlausführung
Escher Wyss E2K 2

Winkelpresse Schlammpresse WPH 2 Bellmer

Gebrauchte Winkelpresse WPH 2 in Edelstahlausführung

Bellmer WPH 2 1500 mm

Siebblech für Wuchtschüttler Voith 1000 K 0,6 mm

Screen plates for vibrating screen 0,6 mm slot


Gebrauchter Kletterrechen. Demontiert

KR N2 980 980 mm

Doppelscheibenrefiner 30 '' PMT - Beloit

Maschinengehäuse ohne Türe von Gebrauchter Doppelscheibenrefiner von PMT Italien / Beloit  30'' Typ: DD30'' - 4000

PMT Italia - Beloit DD 30'' - 4000 30 ''

Entstipper Pilao DTD 20''

Gebrauchter Entstipper von Pilao Typ DTD 20'' mit manueller Garniturverstellung

Pilao DTD 20''