Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

CASMATIC Bundler CMB 150

Technical details:
Infeed:  Automatic
Operation:  Electro-mechanical/pneumatic
Max. machine speed:  14 cycles/min.
Max. production speed:  13 cycles/min.
Roll infeed height:  770 mm
Pack exit height:  1150 mm
Weight:  5500 kg (approx)
Av. size change-over time:  35 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Av. size adjustment time:  20 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Roll change time:  5 minutes
Ambient conditions
• Temperature from +5 to +40°C
• Relative humidity Max. 70%

Air pressure:  6 bar
Compressed air consumption Max.:  800 Nl/min

Installed power:  23.5 KVA
Standard voltage:  3x380/415/440 V (+/- 5%) + earth
Voltage variation:  +/- 5%
Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Neutral wire:  None
Electrical cabinet voltage:  220 V AC
PLC I/O card voltage
• Inputs/outputs 24 V DC
• Solenoid valve outputs 24 V DC
• Contactor outputs 24 V DC

Pack height (H) from 95 to 305 mm
Pack width (W) from 95 to 560 mm
Pack length (L1) from 190 to 560 mm

Pack width (W):  From 330 to 780 mm
Max.:  850 con H 250mm
Max.:  700 con H 345mm
Max.:  720 con H 400mm
Pack length:  (L) From 200 to 800 mm
Pack height:  (H) From 195 to 305 mm
400 mm (Optional)



Kreiselpumpe Andritz ACP 13 - 200 m³ /h

Gebrauchte Kreiselpumpe:

Min Förderleistung: 13,24 m³/h

Max Förderstrom 207,7 m³/h

Drehzahl: 1470 1/min

Max. Drehzahl: 300 1/min

Wellenleistung: 5,617 kW

Wirkungsgrad: 58,61%

NPSH: 0,7515 m

Wellendurchmesser: 42 mm

Andritz ACP 100 -250.4FCD 13 - 200 m³/h

Konischer Refiner Claflin 222 Bematec

Link to manufacturer website with further details about this type of machine:


Bematec Claflin 222

Cleaneranlage Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

4 Stufige Cleaneranlage von Celleco 

Cleanpac 700 HO

The Cleanpac 700 can be installed in virtually all forward cleaning application e.g. virgin and secondary fibre, stock preparation and approach flow systems. The Cleanpac 700 is the most versatile cleaner on the market and it was the first cleaner with the innovative system design based on satellite assemblies with its unmatched plant flexibility. The satellites are manufactured in standard configurations of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cleaners. Satellites are mounted on distribution headers with space for 2-14 satellites. Plants can easily be expanded through the addition of new satellites, or replacing existing ones with larger satellites. The Cleanpac 700 is the technology leader with its high cleaning efficiency, low reject rates and good runnability. The cleaner can be equipped with High capacity (HQ) inlet head, which is suitable for filler loaded applications where you want to save as much filler as possible and still maintain high cleaning efficiency. The cleaner incorporates all the reliability features of the twin-wall design; workers safety protection plugs for outer shells (no need for immediate replacement of a broken cone) easily replaceable wear parts



Celleco Cleanpac 700 HQ

Cleanerküpfe in Edelstahl Albia 300 l/min

Albia 300 l/min

Combined Cutline 1632 Martin

Second hand / used combined cutline 1632

Prefeeder PARA
Martin suction plate feeder
2 color printing
Simple slotter
Rotary cutter
Folder from above
Valco gluing machine
Rapidex stapler
Counter ejector from below
MOSCA Bundle Tying Machine

Equipment maintained and still functional.
Martin 1632

Combisorter Voith CS

Voith Combisorter CS 10

Compact Corrugator 127 cm width

Very nice corrugator from roll to cutted material. Running with electrical energy only. 400 V

Flute type:                                          SE       B         SB       N         E         F

Flute height:                                       1.40     2.50     2.50     0.40     1.40     0.75

Flute factor:                                       1.25     1.35     1.35     1.136   1.34     1.22

Stitch:                                                  4.50     6.50     6.50     1.90     4.50     2.40

Maximum gross width:                      127 cm

Maximum net width (2):                    120 cm

Minimum paper width:                       74 cm (applies to all waves types)

Reel width min:                                  2 x 1.5

Reel width max:                                 2 x 80 mm

GM 203 127 cm gross width

Compact Washer Voith

Gebrauchter  "Compact Washer" von Voith Siebbreite 2460 mm. 

Voith Compact Washer up to 9000 l/min

Conflo Refiner JC 01

Gebrauchter Conflo Refiner JC 01. Verfügbar in überholtem Zustand 

Sunds Defibrator Conflo JC 01
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