PM Grafisches- / Verpackungspapier

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Papiermaschine für Fluting 2500 mm

Asian Foundrinier 2500 mm 120 t/day

Kleine Papiermaschine für 500 t/Monat

Product: 100% recycled papers / Schrenz, Fluting, Coreboard
Grammage range: 80-240 gsm
Raw Material: wastepaper
Monthly capacity: 500 ton
fourdriner 500 tons/month

Papiermaschine für Dekorpapiere 2280 mm

Used paper machine

Trim width:                                         2280 mm

Speed:                                               600 m/min - 900 possible

Grammage range:                             45 – 200 GSM


Scope of supply: Approach flow system, paper machine,

Fourdriner 2280 mm 600 m/min 45 -200 GSM

Paper machine for fluting paper, 2400 mm, 100 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper, trim width ca. 2400 mm, capacity ca. 100 t/day, including waste paper stock preparation

Fourdriner 2400 mm trim width 100 t/day

Paper production line for grapic papers with stock preparation 450 t/day

- Stock preparation system for waste paper, vacuum system, heat recovery and bleaching line are included!

-  Fourdrinier paper machine  
- Coating machine 

- 2 Prewinders
- 3 Winders (2 production winders, 1 Doctor winder)
- Pipes, tanks, towers and valves
- Electrical equipment including transformers  
- 2 Overhead cranes
- All spare parts including rolls

European Fourdriner 5 - 6 m 450 t/day

Papiermaschine für Fluting und Testliner 2800 mm

Gebrauchte Papiermaschine für Fluting und Testliner 

2800 mm beschnittene Arbeitsbreite

200  t/24 h Kapazität

Mit Konstantteil

Verkauf ohne Stoffaufbereitung, diese kann separat geliefert werden. 

European Fourdriner 2800 mm net width 200 t/day

Langsieb-Papiermaschine 4200 mm

Gebrauchte corrugated medium Papermaschine:

Type: fourdrinier

Paper grade: corrugated medium

Trim width: 4200 mm

Speed: 600 m/min

Grammage: 90 - 220 gsm

Machine drive: sectional drive by DC motor and reducer

Equipped with size press

Location Asia, drive 60 HZ


Fourdrinier 4200 mm 550 t/d

Papiermaschine Test Liner, Corrugated Medium

Test Liner and Corrugated Medium Paper machine

Basis Weight             : 90 200 g/

Paper Width              : 1). 3,850 mm at Winder Trim

Working Speed          : 450 m/min with 175 g/.

 Production Capacity : 436MT/Day on 100% Efficiency bases on 175 g/

Fourdrinier 3850 mm at winder 436 tpd

Papiermaschine Fourdrinier 2500 mm

Gebrauchte Langsieb Papiermaschine

Antriebe 60 Hz! 


Trim width: 2500 mm

Working speed: 150 - 350 m/min

Design speed: 400 m/min

Capacity: 120 t/d

Basis weight: 90 - 215 gsm

Drive: sectional drive BYDC and AC motor, belt pulley and reducer

Fourdrinier 2500 mm 120 t/d

Kraft Paper Mill 3270 mm Mitsubishi

Used 3270mm Kraft Paper Mill

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Final Remodeling year: 1990’sSecond hand

Final Product width: 3270mm

GSM: 40-140g/

Production capacity: 200ton/day

Twin wire type

Design speed: 1000m/min

Operation speed: 706m/min


Head box

Manufacturer: Sumitomo

Seam former–MB type

Width direction adjustment device: delusion 


Twin Wire part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Wire width: 3750mm

Fourdrinier type Dandy roll


Press part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

1P: twin bar press, linear pressure:  48N/mm

2P: twin bar press, linear pressure:  60.7N/mm

3P: straight through press, linear pressure:  88.2N/mm

Sheet moisture in outlet of press: 50~55%

The number of cylinders in Pre-dryer : 1524mm x 41units


Size press and coater

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Gate roll size press type

Coating weight: 0.1~2.5 BD g/m2

The number of cylinders in after-dryer : 1524mm x 12units


Steam pressure

Main steam pressure (inlet of dryer): 0.3MPa

Mean steam pressure (pre-dryer): 0.18~0.23MPa

Mean steam pressure (after dryer): 0.11~0.18MPa


Dryer hood

Manufacturer: Evara

Dew point: 35g 56°C, 120g 61°C




The number of rolls: 2+3

Maximum linear pressure: 120KN/m


Reel part

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Secondary arm surface type

Maximum diameter of reel: 2400m



Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Shaft-less two drum winder

The number of slitters: 6 units


Quality control system: BM

The number of scanner: 1unit

Measuring sensor: GSM, moisture, color, carriper

Flow direction control system: seed valve, steam pressure

Width direction control system: CP

Profile control actuator: CP valve

Defect detector


Sheet inspection system

Defect detector

Manufacturer: OMRON


Process automation system

Manufacturer: Valmet


Drive system

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Year: 1990‘s

AC 420V


Mitsubishi Kraft Paper Mill 3270mm 200 t/d