Ausrüstung und Verarbeitung

Gebrauchte Maschinen für die Druck- und Papierindustrie; Gebrauchte Maschinen zum Schneiden von Papier, Pappe und Zellstoff, Wickelmaschinen für Papierrollen; Gebrauchte Riesverpackungsmaschinen, Gebrauchte Abwickelmaschinen für Papierrollen, Gebrauchte Papierkalander us.w.

Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Kleiner Schrumpftunnel

kleiner Schrumftunnel - Verpackungsmaschine


Fix / Italy - - -

Used corrugator with max 2200mm width

Used corrugator to produce corrugated cardboard - B/ C/ BC flute

Main parts consisting of well-known European manufacturer like Torres, Peters, BHS, Massenzana

Machine is still in production

Max. sizes:      3500/5000 mm

Min sizes:        200 mm x 600 mm

diverse - 2200 mm 157 m/min

Stacker Stamag

Stamag 0412-002

Schneidemaschine Massicot Wohlenberg 1150 mm

Hydraulic paper cutter with digital control panel with 999 programs (each with 99 steps and ejection function) and digital readout with monitor, hydraulic pressing and cutting. Work bed with air supply and extra large side table (also with air supply). All relevant safety devices (IR bars, monitors, 2-hand control, sensors). 1 spare knife, manuals and tools.
Max. size: 1150 mm
Min. size: 20 mm
Max. hair height: 120 mm.
Min. - max. pressure: 150-1500 daN
Electrical 380 V, three phase, 50 Hz. 11.8 A, 4.3 kW.
Dimensions of 1 machine pallet: 230x200x175 cm - 3.000 kgs


Wohlenberg 115 MCS-2TV

Guillotine Planschneider Perfecta Seypa 132 TS

Gebrauchter Planschneider von Perfecta

Typ: Seypa 132 - TS

Related website:

Perfecta Seypa 132 TS

Papiertütenmaschine Newlong 136T + 508TH

·With inline flat handle unit

·One ply bags 

·Cutting length without handles:210- 480 mm

·Cutting length with handles: 210- 480 mm

·Bag length without handles: 135 – 435 mm

·Bag length with handles: 135 – 435 mm

·Bag width without handles: 150-320 mm

·Bag width with handles: 180-320 mm

·Bottom width (without handles): 55-165 mm

·Bottom width: 60-165 mm

·Machine speed: 200 bags/min. Real speed depends on operator , size of bags, thickness of paper , handles etc

·Paper width: 1000 mm

·Paper roll dia.: 1200 mm

·Bag width +bottom width: 240-485 mm

·Weight of web: 60 – 125 gsm

·With photocell

·Overall dimensions L 10850 mm x W 3500 mm x H 2500 mm

·Net weight 10,5 tons

·Voltage: 380V/50HZ

·Total power consumption: 11 kw

·Power consumption of drive motor: 5,5 kW

·The machine has had some updates like safety guards

Newlong 136T + 508 TH

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Planschneider Polar Mohr 137

Polar Mohr 137 1370

Combined Cutline 1632 Martin

Second hand / used combined cutline 1632

Prefeeder PARA
Martin suction plate feeder
2 color printing
Simple slotter
Rotary cutter
Folder from above
Valco gluing machine
Rapidex stapler
Counter ejector from below
MOSCA Bundle Tying Machine

Equipment maintained and still functional.
Martin 1632

Rotationsstanze mit 6 Abrollungen

Rotationsstanze Preco mit 6 Abrollungen sowie Beförderungsgerät zur Beschickung der Preco Stanze


Preco 2430 - P

Rollenschneider Dusenbery 2000 mm

1. General
Model: 281
Speed:Foil Max. 400 m/min
          Cardboard Max. 70 m/min
2. Unwinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max 1250 mm
Roll width: min. 900 mm
Max. 2050
Foil tension: min 0.4 N/cm (82 N/2050 mm)
Max. 10N/cm (2050N/2050mm)
Minimum roll diameter for role recording from floor: 400mm
Sleeve width: min 900 mm max 2050
Sleeve inner diameter: 152 mm

3. Rewinder
Roll weight: max. 1600 kg
Roll diameter: max. 1250 mm
Roll width: 2050 max

Dusenbery 502 SJ unwind 2000 mm