Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Unused Refiner Fillings for Andritz TF1 E Refiners

Angle: 30

Width: 4,6

Nut: 3,4

Height: 4,0

Length: 6,3

Andritz Refiner fillings for Refiner TF1 E

European Crescent Tissue Paper Machine with stock preparation

Installed but never used crescent paper machine with stock preparation

Manufacturer:                                              Europan

Produced Paper:                                           Tissue, facial, kitchen raw paper

Design speed:                                                1900m/min

Basis weight:                                                 12-25g/m²

Capacity:                                                       ca 200 t/day


European 208 t/d

Ballenpresse mit Beschickungsband Balemaster

Balemaster EM300

Umreifungsmaschine Signode Modulex

Drehscheibe: diam. 2.570mm

Rollen: 2000 mm

Signode Modulex

Damenbindemaschine BICMA

Sanitary Napkins /  towel / pad machine made by BICMA (Germany) in very good condition

Working direction seen from the operator's side: from the right to the left
Fabrication of the products in the machine: lengthwise, (single layer)
Production centre: 225 mm from the mounting plate
Tranfer conveyor height to packaging machine: 1100 mm
production speed.: 120 m/min
air pressure: min. 6 - max.8 bar
air quantity: min. 1500 ltrs/min
water pressure: min. 3 – max. 4 bar
water quantity: min. 100 l/h

BICMA Hygiene Technologie GmbH BI 13-00

Querschneider Jagenberg 2200 mm

Second hand sheet cutter:

Type: Syn.Speed 35-21500

Max. speed: 200m/min

Max. width (w/o trim): 2200mm

Max width (w trim): 2150 mm

Unwinder max. diam.: 1300mm

Unwinder min. diam: 400mm

Length min-max.: 430 - 1500 mm

Max. number of knives: 6

Material density: max. 600

Core diam: 70,76,152

Number of stations: 6

Control: S7 from 2015



Jagenberg Syn.Speed 35-21500 1 - 3 t/h

Ballenpresse Comdec LV 2020

Ballenpresse Comdec LV 2020

Capacity max.: 25.000 Kg/h paper , carton, plastic

Bale outlet size: 77 cm x 52 cm

Comdec LV.2020

CASMATIC Bundler CMB 150

Technical details:
Infeed:  Automatic
Operation:  Electro-mechanical/pneumatic
Max. machine speed:  14 cycles/min.
Max. production speed:  13 cycles/min.
Roll infeed height:  770 mm
Pack exit height:  1150 mm
Weight:  5500 kg (approx)
Av. size change-over time:  35 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Av. size adjustment time:  20 min. (approx) 2 Operators
Roll change time:  5 minutes
Ambient conditions
• Temperature from +5 to +40°C
• Relative humidity Max. 70%

Air pressure:  6 bar
Compressed air consumption Max.:  800 Nl/min

Installed power:  23.5 KVA
Standard voltage:  3x380/415/440 V (+/- 5%) + earth
Voltage variation:  +/- 5%
Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Neutral wire:  None
Electrical cabinet voltage:  220 V AC
PLC I/O card voltage
• Inputs/outputs 24 V DC
• Solenoid valve outputs 24 V DC
• Contactor outputs 24 V DC

Pack height (H) from 95 to 305 mm
Pack width (W) from 95 to 560 mm
Pack length (L1) from 190 to 560 mm

Pack width (W):  From 330 to 780 mm
Max.:  850 con H 250mm
Max.:  700 con H 345mm
Max.:  720 con H 400mm
Pack length:  (L) From 200 to 800 mm
Pack height:  (H) From 195 to 305 mm
400 mm (Optional)



Entstipper Jylhävaara-Sund JF-160

Jylhävaara / Sunds JF-160

Dust collector Jetline V100

Jetline V100
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