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Contaminex CMS 200 Voith

Gebrauchter Contaminex CMS 200

Voith CMS 200

Contaminex Voith CM 20 überholt

Voith CM 20

Stetigschleifer von Voith

Gebrauchte Stetigschleifer von Voith zu verkaufen

Voith Continuous grinder


Corrugating Board Paper (or Kraft paper) Mill+ Stock Preparation

Paper: Kraft (or Corrugating Medium, Test Liner Paper)

Basis weight: 31-100 GSM (or 220GSM)

Maximum paper width: 6520 mm

Production capacity: 400 ton/day

Design speed: 1,110 m/min

Nominal speed: 400~800mm/min

Slight motion speed: 10~60mm/min

(At sequence, operation monitoring settings possible)

Leveling speed: 100~999.9m/min

(At sequence, operation monitoring settings possible)

Rate of change per second:

0.1~1m/min/sec (slow speed)

1~5m/min/sec (rapid speed)

Change time settings: 10%/200 seconds (10% change time can be set)

Coating in size press: max. 1g/m2 (double-side)

Reel winding length: 74m

Reel winding maximum diameter: 2600mm

The number of machine sections: 12 sections

The number of motors: 42units (Manufacturing year: 2004)

Manufacturing year of electric equipment: 2004


Metso / Beloit / Mitsubishi Twin wire (or four wires) 6520 mm 400 t/d

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Corrugator BHS 2100 mm

Max. sizes: 4200 mm 

Min sizes: 600 mm

Flute types: B,C, BC

BHS, Overmac, others corrugator 2100 mm 205 m/mm

Corrugator 103 - 160 cm, B-Flute

Flute profile : B Flute
Processing : One-sided
Flute height : 2.34 (excluding paper thickness)
Pitch : 5.7mm
Flute Factor : 1.39
Working width : max: 165 cm min: 103 cm
Roll width net: max: 160 cm min: 7.3 cm
Minimum ridge: total: 3 cm
Roll length : max: 400 mtr min: 70 mtr
           480 mtr (squashed)
Processable gr/m2 : max: 150 gr. min: 38 gr
Number of lanes maximum: 14 lanes (more possible in consultation)
Number of crease lines : n.a.
Score distance : n.a.
T version: no
Score distances T-version : adjustable
Wrapping: inside and outside
Printing options: no
 Flatten wave: yes
 Core diameter : max: 15.3 cm min: 15.3 cm (10 cm possible )
 Winding : Only on core
 Paper roll weight : max: 2000 kg dia: 125 cm
 Diameter paper core : max: 7.5 cm min: 7 cm

European B -Flute 103 - 160 cm

Corrugator WPA 2150mm made by Peters

Corrugator WPA 2150mm made by Peters

Width: 2150 mm

Max. sizes: 5000 mm

Min. sizes: 600 mm

Flute types: B, C, BC

Peters WPA 2150 mm 195 m/m ( below 800 mm max speed 80 m/min)

Corrugator WPA 2500MM made by BHS

Corrugator WPA 2500MM made by BHS

Width:                   2500 mm

Max. sizes:          4500 mm

Min sizes            500 mm

Flute type:          E, EE, B, BB, EB, C, BC


BHS WPA 2500mm 300 m/min

Converting line for cosmetic tissue

- Working width: 1260 mm, no edge trimming
- tissue format: 210 mm x 205 mmm , 6 clips/log
- Core diameter: 152 mm, max. unwind diameter 2200 mm
- Formats: 100 tissue 2 – layers , 150 tissue 2 – layers
- Capacity:  72-/50 towels/minute (approx. 3000 T/a)
- Repair of folding area / transfer table necessary, spare parts available

Consiting of:

Unwind stand

Calender /Folding machine

Transfer table

Prodec Box Filler

Prodec Carton Filler

European 3000 T/a