Hauptbild Name Hersteller Typ Größe Kapazität

Paper machine for fluting paper 2550 mm, 200 t/day

Second hand paper machine for fluting paper

Deckle/ pope reel width:                      2550 mm

GSM range:                           80 – 250 GSM

Speed:                                    800 m/min

Capacity:                                200  t /24 h

Refurbished:                          2016 – 2017


Consisting of:

Approach flow system           Included

Headbox:                               2  / Comer

Wire:                                       Twin wire       

Press section:                        Binip press with suction roll Jumbo Press    

Drying section:                       32 dryers / 5 bar

Size press:                             Included

Calendar:                               Voith / Küsters

Hood:                                     New Forbes Marshal steam & condensate with heat recovery

Pope reeler:                           Fully automatic with stackers 10 reel spools


Drive:                                     AC silent drive

Rewinder:                               Included

Voltage:                                  380 V

Stock preparation:                 Included

Water treatment:                    Krofta Sedicell and Algas filters



2550 mm 200 t/day

Pulper 6 m³ -- überholt

LC Pulper 6 m³ 

Die Maschine wurde überholt und ist kurzfristig verfügbar

LC Pulper 6 m³

Flat and satchel paper bag machine W&H Matador 50

Gebrauchte Papiertütenmaschine:

Bag width: 70 - 500mm

Cut-off length: 180 - 780 mm

With: W&H QMS 992- 3 colour printer

W&H Matador 50

Flat and satchel paper bag machine W&H Matador 31

Gebrauchte Papiertütenmaschine:

Bag width: 50 - 310mm

Cut-off length: 120 - 650 mm

With: 2 unwinds for 2-ply bags

With: W&H QMS 992- 4 colour printer

W&H Matador 31

Flat and satchel paper bag machine W&H Matador 26

Gebrauchte Papiertütenmaschine:

Bag width: 50 - 260mm

Cut-off length: 100 - 480 mm

W&H Matador 26

Block bottom heat- seal machine W&H SB1

Gebrauchte Papiertütenmaschine:

Block bottom, heat seal machine for making the air sickness bags .

The machine hast to connected together with a Triumph 2 SOS bag machine.

Windmoeller& Hoelscher SB1

Block bottom paper bag machine Weber 5W

Gebrauchte Papiertütenmaschine:

Bag width: 100 - 210mm

Tube length: 260 - 530mm

Bottom width: 60 - 140mm

Weber 5W

Serviettenmaschine Hobema 14 H 30 x 30 cm

Gebrauchte Serviettenmaschine Hobema 14 H
Hobema Napkin machine 14 H 30 x 30 cm

Wuchtschüttler Finckh 0,75m²

Gebrauchter Wuchtschüttler vom Hersteller Finckh in Edelstahlausführung

Finckh E 1/0,75m²

Gas turbine plant including generator & waste heat boiler


Manufacturer: Solar Turbines

Type: Centaur 50 SoLONox

year of construction: 2008

Electrical output: 4.600 kWel

Speed: 14.944min.-1 50Hz

Fuel: natural Gas H

Design temperature: 15°C

Turbine inlet temperature: 665°C (1.229°F)


Generator (in the package)

Manufacturer: Leroy Somer

Type: LSA 56 BR-L7/4p 3 phase synchronous

Year of manufacturing: 2008

Rated power: 5.450 kVA

Speed: 1.500 rpm

Cos phi: 0.98 (nominal 0.8)

Frequency: 50 Hz

Rated voltage: 10.5 kV

Rated current: 299.7A


Waste heat boiler behind the GT - incl. chimney

Type of smoke tube boiler with ECO

Manufacturer: Koethen

Year of construction: 2008

Fuel: Flue gases from a turbine

Perm. heat output: 7.633 kW

Nominal steam output: 13 t/h

Nominal FD pressure: 14.5 bar (g)

Max. permissible FD pressure: 18 bar (g)

Solar Turbines Centaur 50 SoLonox